Monday, March 24, 2014

Successful Day in Port-au-Prince

Approximately 140 physicians and radiologic technicians (radiographers) attended didactic lectures, hands-on ultrasound sessions and clinical case review as part of Radiology Education Days. 

After Paul Ellenbogen, M.D., Chair, ACR Board of Chancellors and Josette Bijou, M.D., Medical Director of Grace Children's Hospital welcomed the attendees the sessions began in earnest.  The physician participants received outstanding presentations on pediatric imaging from Dorothy Bulas, M.D. (Program Co-Chair--WFPI), Kimberly Applegate, M.D. (ACR Speaker) and Jennifer Nicholas, M.D., (WFPI).  The faculty presented on pediatric chest, pediatric skeleton, radiographic imaging of the vomiting infant, child presenting with abdominal pain, pediatric cranial ultrasound, pediatric renal ultrasound, pediatric gynecological emergencies--radiographic evaluation, and the importance of ALARA.  These same participants were then provided an opportunity to test their knowledge with hands-on ultrasound studies on pediatric patients in the afternoon.  Ultrasound instructors included representatives from the SDMS (Tammy Stearns and Veronica Rodriguez) as well as Drs. Douglas "Rusty" Brown, Paul Ellenbogen, Robert Harris, James Borgstede, Dorothy Bulas, Kimberly Applegate and Jennifer Nicholas.  Drs. Bulas and Applegate moderated the Clinical Case Review and Ernst Garcon, M.D., a native of Haiti and professor at Columbia University provided interpretive services. 

Amy Hoffman and Terry Konn, Ph.D. provided an outstanding radiographer all-day didactic session on basic patient care and safety, radiation protection principles, occupational safety and radiographic pathology. 

The engaged participants stayed to the end of the course and looked forward to learning more tomorrow as the program switches from primary pediatric imaging to musculoskeletal imaging.  The entire team looks forward to further engagement tomorrow.  

Dr. Kimberly Applegate presents in front of a capacity crowd of 100 physicians as part of Radiology Education Days. 

Amy Hoffman presents on the topic of Occupational Safety to radiographers during Radiology Education Days. 

Radiology residents outside of Radiology Education Days.  The University Hospital radiology residency program started last year with a group of four residents.  There are now 10 radiology residents in training at the hospital. 
Applying knowledge gained during the didactic lectures, Tammy Stearns (SDMS) trains physicians on ultrasound techniques of a small child during Radiology Education Days in Haiti. 



  1. Looks like you've got a bigger crowd than past years!

  2. I, along with Rad-Aid, was in Haiti a few weeks ago helping train the residents with hands on adult ultrasound. I'm so delighted to see this continue on with a great organization.

  3. Rebecca--that is great news. I was aware of your trip but was unsure who was going. Feel free to contact me at so we can begin collaborating and sharing information moving forward.