Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just awakening to start my day.  Yesterday afternoon, following the didactic sessions on image interpretation, radiologic technologist technique, radiation safety, proper use of ultrasound and other topics, participants were able to get some hands-on training on film interpretation and ultrasound.  Below Ted Whitten, representing the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, works with one of the rotating groups on an ultrasound procedure of a pregnant woman, (obscured from view).

Jim Borgstede, Chair, ACR Foundation International Outreach Committee, illustrates the use of abdominal ultrasound on a female patient during a hands-on training session.  

During lunch break several of the faculty were interviewed by local Haitian television stations.  The interviews were focused on the goals of the program and the ongoing education and training of health personnel in the radiology profession and sciences.

This was truly a remarkable day.  We had radiology and medical personnel travel over 6 hours in some cases to participate in the two-day program.  A show of hands reflected that we expect another capacity crowd today.  I look forward to another exciting Radiology Education Day in Haiti.


  1. Seems like the program is a success and turn out is exceeding your expectations! You all are doing such a great thing.

    Be well.

  2. What a great turnout! I'm excited to hear about the great response to your program. Thanks to you and the whole team for the work you are doing.

  3. Wonderful journey you guys are on. I was in Haiti Mid-May with Mercy Ships Medical Team; truly a country that needs and desires help and medical guidance. Keep up the good work! Take your anti-Malaria medicine daily.
    Safe journey!!!!

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