Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Our Friends and Thanks to Many

Our trip for Radiology Education Days seemed short yet the preparations that went into the event took several months.  There are many people who played a significant role in the meeting who need to be thanked.  So, with the possible risk of omitting someone--here it goes.

I first want to thank Dr. Paul Ellenbogen whose vision for our efforts in Haiti made the trip and our engagement there possible. 

ACR Chair  Paul H. Ellenbogen, M.D.,
during 2011 trip to Grace.
I also want to thank Dr. Jim Borgstede whose leadership with the ACR Foundation International Outreach Committee and participation in both of our Haiti trips have been invaluable to our overall efforts.  Additionally, I want to thank the ACR Commission on International Service and the ACR Board for its ongoing support of our activities.

Jim Borgstede, M.D. provides lecture
during Radiology Education Days
I want to thank Dr. Douglas "Rusty" Brown who chaired our program committee and worked with the faculty to ensure the program's success.  There were many obstacles and questions along the way but through surveying the attendees and tedious attention to detail, we were able to put together a faculty and program that seemed to work well for the participants. 

Douglas "Rusty" Brown, M.D. gives lecture
during Radiology Education Days

I want to thank our faculty for their preparation, enthusiasm and knowledge.  Drs. Ernst Garcon, Anna Rozenshtein, Bob Harris, Jack Harris, Rusty Brown, Jim Borgstede and Chuck Phelps along with Mr. Jim Temme (ASRT), Kevin Powers (ASRT), Ted Whitten (SDMS) and Ms. Tammy Stearns (SDMS) made each educational experience whether lecture or hands-on a memorable one for all who attended. 

Faculty arrives in Port-au-Prince,
Haiti for Radiology Education Days

I want to thank the faculty and leadership at Grace Children's Hospital including Wesley Romulus, Dr. Frederic Vilme, Dr. Gina Joachim and Dr. Marie Excellent.  We could not have imagined more gracious, welcoming and receptive hosts.  I also want to thank the staff at Grace and the ICC Relief and Reconstruction Office.  They include Melanie Brierre, Vickie Jean-Louis, Madame Calixte, Madame Arnoux, Monsieur Prou, Monsieur Jean Louis, Rosa Voltaire, Esther Cervil.  Also, thanks to Keith Mumma and Rachel Mills in the ICC US offices.  I also want to thank John Yates for his vision and ongoing work with Grace and his sons Ryan and Jason and for getting us to and fro safely. 

Dr. Gina Joachim presents a lecture with interpreter
 (Dr. Marie Excellent) during Radiology Education Days

Melanie, this conference could not have happened without your persistence and logistical expertise on the ground.  Thanks as well for your good humor, patience and dedication throughout. 
Melanie Brierre awards Rusty Brown, M.D. with a book
on Haiti at the conclusion of Radiology Education Days
Special thanks goes to Dr. Chuck Phelps who introduced the ACR to Grace after the earthquake and who continues to give so selflessly to ICC, Grace and the people of Haiti. 

Chuck Phelps, M.D. (center in blue) and
Jack Harris, M.D. provide image review during
I want to thank our friends from Sonosite and GE who provided loaner portable ultrasound units with multiple transducers.  These loaners were essential to the success of our hands-on ultrasound programs. 

Bob Harris, M.D. works with portable
ultrasound unit during hands-on sessions.

I want to thank Lauren Alfero who I have the honor of working with each day and who has contributed significantly to our international outreach efforts.  I also want to thank Fran Cordero who assisted with all the accommodations of our faculty members and our press team of Shawn Farley, Alyssa Martino and Heather Curry for promoting our efforts. 

Lauren Alfero, Associate, ACR
Foundation International Outreach Program

I want to thank all those who I may have omitted who supported this program.  Special thanks to our network, the Haiti Radiology Group, who championed the conference and who work to improve radiological care in Haiti each day while avoiding duplication of effort and promoting coordination of radiological activity.   

Finally, I want to thank the medical personnel in Haiti who travelled long distances and endured excessive traffic and other obstacles to attend Radiology Education Days. These dedicated professionals engaged the faculty and participated fully in the program's offerings. These radiologists, physicians, sonographers, radiologic technologists and other medical personnel were committed to learning and providing the best for their patients. We look forward to a establishing growing relationships with these committed individuals. 

Radiologic technicians with faculty
during Radiology Education Days in Haiti

Physician attendees participate
in Radiology Education Days in Haiti

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