Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Day in Haiti Goes Well

The first day of our journey began today.  We had a busy but enjoyable day.  Following a close call at an unusually busy Miami International Airport we took off for Haiti mid-morning.  We arrived in Port-au-Prince at lunchtime and proceeded on to the Visa Lodge where we checked in and enjoyed the local faire. 

Our mid-day trip included an outstanding presentation given by Drs. Marie Lina Excellent and Jacqueline Gautier. 

Children in pediatric inpatient area at St. Damien's

Members of team listen to Dr. Gautier at St. Damien's

Following an informative visit, we took off for a tour around town.  There continues to be progress made from the earthquake.  Of most significance is the reduction in tent cities and the clearing of rubble from the streets. 

 Despite clearer streets some scars remain in Port-au-Prince from the earthquake

Following our visit we met with Drs. Jean  Claude Cadet and Gina Joachim to discuss the training of radiologic technicians in Haiti.  Next we were joined by Dr. Gabou Mendy, Chief Medical Director from Partners-in Health's Hospital in Mirebalais.  We discussed potential collaborations and networking opportunities.  I want to personally thank all of our hosts today.   We gained a significant amount of information about both radiology and pediatric medicine in Haiti.  I also want to thank Dr. Jeffrey Mendel for helping us make a connection with Dr. Mendy and with his significant work volunteering in Mirebalais.

Tomorrow starts an even busier day as over 100 attendees are coming to listen to the outstanding faculty (special thanks from the WFPI, SPR, and SRU) who will present on topics in pediatric imaging in the morning followed by hands-on training (thanks to SDMS) on four Sonosite portable ultrasound units.  I want to thank ICC/Grace Children's Hospital for making this program possible.  Also in the morning ACR leadership will meet with representatives of ICC/Grace Children's Hospital and the Hospital Bernard Mevs. 

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