Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Third Day in Haiti is Literally as Hot as the Program

The third day on our trip has been another outstanding day of content, dialogue, engagement and productivity. 

The day once again started with outstanding programming featuring a wonderful presentation on Measures and Strategies for Radiological Exploration in Some Pediatric and Clinical Settings by Gina Jaochim, M.D., radiologist from Haiti.  Next Eva Rubio, M.D. gave a compelling lecture on Genitourinary Ultrasound in the Pediatric Patient.  Rebecca Stein-Wexler, M.D. followed with an informative session on Imaging of the Premature Infant.  Marthe Munde, M.D., provided an excellent presentation on the topic of Radiographic Presentation of Sickle Cell Disease.  Following a break, Rebecca Stein-Wexler presented an engaging session on the topic of Neonatal Head Ultrasound.  Although CT is a fairly new technology for Haiti, Dr. Ron Cohen introduced much of the audience on the promise of the technology with a compelling session on Pediatric Head CT.  The Clinical Case Discussion was led by Drs. Jesssy Colimon, Jeannine Hatt, Chuck Phelps, and Ernst Garcon. 

While the morning session was underway, ACR leaders visited the largest hospital in Haiti, the 700 bed HUEH or General Hospital.  The institution has reinstated its radiology residency program.  This is very significant given that Haiti has an estimated 19 radiologists for a population of roughly 10 million.  There were many opportunities for collaboration discussed.  The ACR leaders met with Dr. Maurice Mainville, Exective Director of HUEH, the chief resident, Dr. Saint Louis "Mike" Evans,and Drs. Claudine Cleophat and Dr. Gina Joachim both Haitian radiologists.  The ACR viewed the radiology department and left with a list of items to follow-up on as potential areas of collaboration. 

The afternoon hands-on sessions were once again well-intended and well-received.  Hands-on ultrasound provided by Sonosite for the neonatal head, gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary, spleen and genitourinary tract were provided by Michelle Wilson (SDMS), Drs. Munden (WFPI), Borgstede (ACR), Brown (SRU), Ellenbogen (ACR) and Fleishon (ACR).  Image review sessions were provided in separate learning rooms by Drs. Nicholas (ACR), Stein-Wexler, M.D. (WFPI), and Rubio (WFPI).  Clinical case discussions that focused on specific cases in Haiti were given by Drs. Gautier (St. Damien's Haiti), Hatt (Grace Children's Hospital/ICC), Phelps (GCH/ICC), Garcon (ACR) and Cohen (WFPI). 

The pictures below capture some of the images of a day filled with excellent presentations, engaging discussions, collaborative meetings, attentive and bright students and an outstanding faculty. 

Eva Rubio, M.D. engages the audience during a presentation on genitourinary ultrasound in the pediatric patient on Tuesday morning.
The audience listens intently as Dr. Joachim of Haiti lectures on Measures and Strategies for Radiological Explorations in Some Pediatric Clincial Settings
During lunch, ACR leaders meet with Dr. Bijou of Grace Children's Hospital to go over plans for the radiology unit in the planned hospital
Jim Borgstede, M.D. provides guidance to an attendee as they perform pediatric imaging of the abdomen to an infant.
 Dr. Brown illustrates proper technique to students as he scans an infant. 
During a lighter moment, infant with mom tries her hand at scanning prior to the procedure. 
Jennifer Nicholas, M.D. provides a session on clinical image review.  These small class sessions were highly interactive and well-received by the attendees. 
Michelle Wilson, Ed.D(c), RDMS provides instruction on technique in handling the ultrasound transducer.
ACR leadership team meets with executives and radiologists from the University or General Hospital (HUEH).  HUEH just started a radiology residency program admitting four students in January.  

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