Monday, March 25, 2013

Radiology Pediatric Imaging Program Highlights Active Day in Haiti

The program got off to a great start today.  The day started early as the facility was prepared at the Visa Lodge for the 100 attendees. 

Chuck Phelps, M.D. supervises as a sign goes up at Visa Lodge.

The meeting was kicked off with opening comments from Paul Ellenbogen, M.D., Chair, ACR Board of Chancellors, Jim Borgstede, M.D., Chair, ACR Foundation International Outreach Committee, Dr. Josette Bijou and William Brandt of ICC/Grace Children's Hospital. Dr. Ellenbogen thanked the physicians of Haiti for their interest in pediatric imaging and especially cited the work of ICC/Grace Children's Hospital in making this effort possible. He also thanked the program chair, Douglas "Rusty" Brown, M.D., and cited the outstanding faculty represented by the WFPI, SPR, and SRU.  He further thanked the SDMS for their contribution to the hands-on session.  Dr. Borgstede also thanked the College, Grace/ICC and most importantly the dedicated medical personnel throughout Haiti for their interest in further education in radiology. 

Paul Ellenbogen, M.D. kicks off meeting at Visa Lodge
Drs. Bijou and Mr. Brandt welcomed the attendees and thanked the ACR Foundation and the faculty for continuing their efforts to improve radiological care in Haiti. 

Drs. Bijou and Brandt (3rd and 4th from left) join leaders and faculty members just prior to beginning Radiology Education Days. 

The meeting progressed throughout the morning and included lectures on the Basics in Pediatric Chest and Abdominal X-ray Interpretation by Eva Rubio, M.D., Radiographic Evaluation of Pediatric Respiratory Infections by Ron Cohen, M.D., Radiographic Evaluation of Pediatric Abdominal Emergencies by Ron Cohen, M.D., Basics of Ultrasound Screening and Interpretation by Rusty Brown, M.D., and Gastrointestinal Ultrasound in the Emergency Pediatric Setting by Marthe Munden, M.D.  Following these didactic lectures, clincial cases were presented and discussed. 

Ron Cohen, M.D. of WFPI provides a lecture to attendees on pediatric respiratory infections.

The afternoon sessions provided outstanding opportunities for participants to use ultrasound on pediatric patients focusing on neonatal head, gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary tract, spleen and the genitourinary tract.  In addition, image review sessions and clinical case discussions were used to bring real life cases to the attendees. 
Participants in Radiology Education Days in Pediatric Imaging get a hands-on opportunity to use portable ultrasound technology provided by Sonosite to visualize the kidneys.

While the morning didactic sessions were going on ACR leadership had an opportunity to visit Grace Children's Hospital and learn more about plans to rebuild their destroyed facilities. 

ACR representatives including Drs. Ellenbogen, Fleishon, Allen, and Borgstede, and pediatrician and ICC Board Member Jeannine Hatt, M.D. meet with Drs. Bijou and Mr. Brandt to go over renderings of new Grace facility.
In addition, the team took a tour of the current transitional facilities and saw the portable hybrid x-ray unit generously donated by Siemens and facilitated by the ACR in use. 

Drs. Ellenbogen and Borgstede stand next to donated Siemens portable x-ray unit. 
The event received local press as Dr. Ellenbogen was interviewed for television by local Haitian reporters (below). 

The leadership team also was invited to Hospital Bernard Mevs to see their mobile GE CT scanner, tour their hospital facilities and learn more about a radiologic technician program that they have initiated. 

Despite a busy day, the team found enough time to enjoy some time with the patients.  Here Howard Fleishon, M.D, Speaker, ACR Council plays with young patient following some ultrasound scans. 

In all a very busy, productive and enjoyable day.  The program will continue tomorrow with outstanding lectures, more hands-on opportunities and a visit to the 700 bed University Hospital. 

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